Monday, August 3, 2015

today: the final radiation date, and this lightness of healing

today: the first monday of august
today: driving that road to the hospital for the 40th time, smiling with this light feeling of happiness
today: wearing my yellow radioactive t-shirt
today: trying a reflection photo that didn't really work...

but i post it anyway, for that yellow moment
today: my final radiation date, which was same like the ones before, and so different.
today: finally pulling away the medical radiation marker plasters under the shower
today: time to start healing for good.

The nature photo above is from yesterday - it was a beautiful sunny day, and i felt like driving up to the Alb plateau. Haven't been there for a while. There's a summer sculpture walk now, and i enjoyed the stroll through the landscape and the art, along the open horizon. a good place to reflect, and think about time, about the weeks past, and the time ahead:

For me, august will be about recovering and healing. Finally, finally, just healing, and not getting-well-enough-to-be-okay-for-the-next-treatment.

It felt symbolic, to walk there, towards the wider view.

Another tiny symbolic moment: today i received an invite for the frankfurt book fair 2015. the fair, it feels like a time marker: the day at the frankfurt book fair 2014 was the last day of ease and taking-health-for-granted for me. one day later, back home, i found the lump in my breast. that day is like a divide: the time before, the time after.

now, into this new days..  into the lightness of healing. and so lovely that summer is coming with blue skies right now.


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Cathrine said...

And so it is :-)
Wishing you light days now for decades to come

Jk Davies said...

The headline photo is of lightness and relief, and I wish you both as you continue through this long journey of life and bookfairs! x

Dorothee said...

Thanks for your lovely wishes!
it still feels a bit unreal to really have reached this place after all the treatments. like walking through a light door.