Tuesday, June 28, 2016

art time, garden colors, transformers live, ultrasound flashback + a fractured reflection

June turned into a caleidoscope of counterparting moments - from rainy to sunny, from weekend shorttrip to finally getting the garden in summer shape. I kept taking photos, but before blogging about things, the next theme already took over. Here are some moments of June, in an attempt to catch at least some of the moods this month brought. 

The first photo is: Stuttgart State Galery. I went to see their current exhibition: "Magic of the Modern". The building itself is architectural art. 

From art to nature: we had the first real warm days and evenings of the year - and invited some friends for a bbq. Which also lead to some getting-the-garden-in-nicer-shape, including new flowers, and remembering those garden candles which still was wrapped up, since last year. Now they found their place. 

From nature to... plastic fantasy! This weekend, the Comic Con was on here in Stuttgart, for the first time. I was there, both to visit it for the comic-platform I work for, but also to see it. Pretty amazing. Like walking into a parallel universe. Here's the most unlikely live scene: Transformers and a group of sniper/soldiers, parading through the comic fair, looking like they just fell out of a movie. I also tried a short video, it's online here: Comic Con Moment.

And talking about parallel universes: June also brought the next round of medical "just to make sure"-checkups for me. Which actually are: "check for hints of recurring cancer". With ultrasound, you would get to see it live when the docs would find something. So, rather movie-like, too. And you don't know if it's a good or bad movie until the check is completed. (For me, it was the good movie this time.)
What made me smile, though: walking into the ultrasound room, and seeing the calendar page on the wall. And recognizing the place immediately: 

The calendar page place, I've stood in that spot myself last year. There was this open air exhibition on the Swabian Alb. Created by teens and young adults who faced inner or outer obstacles and now live there in a youth home with social workers, One created this reflection installation. I stood in front of it, and took this fractured image of the world, with some mirror views that also include me. It's from August 2015. I had just finished radiation. My hair was just starting to grow back then. I looked like me and not me. This constellation brought me to this twisted place of things we want to grow back fast, and the ones we hope to never grow back. The things we would like to see, and the ones that we are not sure yet how to face. 

Two connecting links: the lightness of healing (from August 2015, with a first photo of the art walk, and another reflection photo of me), and: my new normal (from earlier this year), 

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