about me

Hello and welcome to this blog!

I'm Dorothee Lang, writer, freelancer, traveller, and editor. I am into roads, stories, places, crossings, and all the things they lead and connect to.

This blog is a space for notes on my journeys (real and virtual ones). Also included: reflections and notes, photos, links to published works, postcards, quotes, and other tidbits and bytes.

I am German, but mostly blog and write in English. Here's how that happened: In school, we had a brilliant English teacher (who had lived in Egypt for a while). It was back then that I started to read books in English, and also chose English (plus German) as ‘focus classes’ in the final years of school. At that point, I wasn’t writing yet. But I loved books, and kept on reading english-speaking authors in their original language (Toni Morrison, Paul Auster, Margaret Atwood, Henry Miller..).

Travels / Writing / Books
Fast forward to now: after studying (economies), and working a good deal of years with texts and images (marketing/advertising job in a media company), I started to write (in german). And started to travel to far-away places. Like, Asia. That’s how my English writing started – and also my "web-life": by travelling, meeting other travellers, and then keeping in touch after the journey, and sharing travel images and stories from other trips – which was enhanced through the Lonely Planet travel forum. A number of the Lonely Planet forum members were writers, and were curious for my German fictional writing. So I translated one of my German stories. And then, amazed by the American literary online journal scene (the scene in germany is much smaller), I went ahead and submitted the story to one of the indie magazines (Eyeshot). And they accepted and published it. That was the start of it.

More about the books I wrote, here: "Worlds Apart", "Masala Moments" and more books

Some of the themes / topics I keep returning to in my life, and in my blog:
Update, November 2014
Unfortunately, a troubling topic took over - I try not to let it define all of me and everything, but right now, it turned into the central theme of my days: c is for ... cancer.