Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mel Bosworth Reads Things: Sliver

some seasons ago, i kept a dream diary for a while. some fragments of those dreams found ways into some stories. others, i almost completely forgot about. now i returned to them, inspired by an invite from Mel Bosworth to send a short text for his youtube project "Mel Bosworth Reads Things", which has the very concept the title suggests:

"And it's exactly that: me reading the work of other writers. No frills, no bells & whistles, just me, often sitting in my chair reading."

curious, i went to the youtube page. i watched Teresa Houle's "September Tragedy", then Cynthia Reeser's "The Unmooring". it probably was the nightish mood of the 2 clips that made me start to browse the dream diary. or maybe this dream just waited for its place since i noted it down.

now it is up. here is the link: Sliver.


Mel Bosworth said...

Ha! Fantastic shot of the "comet," Dorothee. Thanks again for contributing some great words to the project.

karyn said...

'sliver', as read by mel bosworth, reminds me of a movie opener, all secret-like, in the dark, with a man reading a private document he'd just uncovered. the 90 minutes that follows is dedicated to unearthing the secret of what happened there, in the city, on those streets, in those buildings, where she'd spent time, all those years ago ~