Sunday, March 21, 2010

daily routine, just

at the start of this month, Karyn Eisler interviewed me about my daily work routine that includes multiple projects. the interview started with a 6-word-question: "How do you do it all?" and then moved - not to the various projects, but to my daily rhythm: "What does a typical day of yours look like? Would you be willing to crack open your daytimer and walk me through the structure?"

fast forward to this weekend. browsing blogs, i came across a blog post from Beth Adams, editor of qarttsiluni magazine. the post is a reflection of her blog, and of her daily routine, it includes this passage that made me go back and read it again:

"Our upstairs neighbor, noticing our new routine and late hours, admonished me recently: "Don't work too hard!" I laughed and he said, "Yes, I know you love it." "A lot of it doesn't feel like work," I said. "This is just what I do."

reading this line made me think of another quote about daily routine, one that opens the window to the larger frame of life:
“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” - Annie Dillard

and here, the connected links:
- the daily reflection of Beth: The Cassandra Pages - Seven
- my interview with Karyn: Living ?s for Dorothee Lang
- some passages from Annie Dillard's work: Earth Light Library. .... and so interesting. in this page, a quote from Annie Dillard, about what she does: "When asked for biographical information that would reflect her ideas about nature and spirituality, she said she has not made such a statement, commenting "I just write books."

there it is again: just.


susan said...

How nice Dorothee, to take us with you where you go to visit!


Michael said...

I feel this. Indeed: Just. When uttered, the initial, heavy sound of the "j" somehow anchors or grounds the word that follows. And the word itself sounds like it's giving 'justice' and 'justification' to that word being anchored.

I'm just justing...:)