Thursday, April 29, 2010

PicFic: (t)here

"PicFic is an experimental journal that boils the essence of short stories down so that they can fit in a mobile phone text message. We prefer PG-ish content. We greatly prefer the use of titles for our stories. Titles orient readers, add a layer of meaning (if done well), and make it easier to reference titles in-house and online. " - say the PicFic guiedelines.

and as i am in micro formats these days, i had PicFic on my list of places since a while. it was an overnight stay at my aunt's place that triggered the idea for the piece that got accepted:
PicFic: (t)here

- i still remember the moment that brought the idea for it: i was sitting in their kitchen, a part of their home, of their family for a day. it brought back this thought that pops up in my mind every now and then: how would my life would have looked if i had grown up in another place - in a big city, in a mountain village, in another country. in another culture. in another family.

the counterpart to (t)here is choice, a 1st line that i wrote about the same time.

and again, somehow fitting for these days, that (t)here goes online while my current 'here' is not home, but spain.

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