Saturday, May 1, 2010

otoliths: induction / deduction

today the new issue of Otoliths went live - it includes 2 visual poems that came together in a collaboration of 3: Karyn Eisler, Susan Gibb, and me.

here the direct link to the visuals: induction / deduction

the artist's note already gives a hint of how those visuals evolved: they are part of a larger hypertext project. last year, Karyn and i worked on a first collaboate multi media piece: "Pop Up Poptagon", which went live in Locus Novus, a journal dedicated to the synthesis of text and image.

Poptagon has a linear structure, one page is leading to a defined next page. inspired by Susan Gibb's hypertext projects, we got tempted to try an unlinear multimedia piece. while working on it, we i mailed with Susan Gibb, and sent her a hand-drawn sketch of the hypertext structure. she mailed back a structure suggestion - in one amazing image, done in Tinderbox. which then inspired some creative work with those hyper-notes on the process. that's how induction / dedcution came together.

and here, the collaborate notes on the project:
- Karyn Eisler: Living ?s: Induction/Deduction
- Susan Gibb: Tinderbox: As Art

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Mel Bosworth said...

so awesome. just enjoyed the locus novus work. wow.