Tuesday, June 1, 2010

time zone crossing

so here i am. in Vienna.
the plane was slightly delayed, but after the ash chaos, 20 minutes is relatively nothing. the first moves in Vienna were transit: from airport to Vienna West station with the s-train, then walk out into the street, find the U-station, take U-train 3 to 'Zieglergasse'. try not to get lost with all the lines and streets. find our appartment. and meet Karyn in real life. be suprised by the ease of this transit, from online to real.

the sky was kind and gave us a dry arrival. we went to Stephansdome, and were overwhelmed. surrounded it once. then walked another round along the buildings there. it felt like walking through time zones that reflect and conncet. you can see the shape of Stephansdome in the glass facade of the blue building. there's a first floor cafe in one of the buildings that surround the dome, that's where we had tea with a view, and talked about the world and time and life.

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