Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vienna, Paris, Budapest & in transit

tuesday. i am back home now as long as i was away. it doesn't feel like it, though. i am still in transit. the feeling is enhanced by the messages from faraway places that are part of this crossing of journeys:

Karyn arrived back home in Vancouver now. and put up this amazing film about Budapest in her blog: "Post-Vacation Blue / Budapest". i play it, then replay it. this music. it is like leaving.

then Paris - a city i've been to twice. now Diana walks those streets, and sends snapshots right from the street in her live travel blog: Saint Eustache. Confisserie Tetrel. La Seine. Notre Dame.

and in the midst of all, the "Published For a Day" event, which brought me back to this abandoned manuscript of mine. and right into the land of words. where a manuscript is waiting for my full return.

tomorrow. i guess. today, i am still in transit. and so i open this paperback book. and start to read through those other times and places, of other journeys crossing in transit.

(the book was part of the journey, too. Karyn brought it. all the way, from Canada, to Budapest, and to Vienna: transit time for in transit.)

summer transit discount note:
and just 1 hour after blogging about being "in transit", i receive a mail from the printer: "in transit" is now coming with a summer discount. so if you feel like being in transit, this would be a good time to get it: in transit Summer read ($8.55 instead of list price 11.80).

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