Thursday, August 19, 2010

bahia de navidad zeitlos aureole

the next 2 pages are up in the blueprintreview two² issue: "Dual Track Mind" and "Almost There".

both pages come with images that i digitally rendered here on the computer: in "Almost There", the origial photo of aureole is from Mallorca, an ovean view of the Bay of Polencia in the North of the island. here's a more "classic" version of that Bay: sunrise at the bay.

and the Dual Track Mind image is a 2 layer-photo: the first image is from Rose Hunter, taken at a bay in Mexico: bahia de navidad, and the second is from the town square here, during the time of the public viewing of the world cup. (can't remember the game).

Rose Hunter blogged about it today with the original images, her blog note starts with the good news that her poetry collection to the river is now ready for pre-orders - congrats!!
blog post link: to the river bahia de navidad zeitlos wowee doctor people!

to join the add-another-theme-and-layer-mood, i now merged both images, out came the one above.

and looking through the 2 new two² pages again, i realized that those pages indeed reach around the world: from South America / Mexico to the Marquesas in the Pacific Ocean, and from the coast of Mallorca to Arizona: a world trip in 2 pages.

will go and try to figure out which football match was playing that day, to add 2 more nations.


Rose Hunter said...

That's a lovely bay as well - well, both! Thanks, re book, and for the linkage! :) & Congrats on another great issue of BPR.

Dorothee said...

and thanks for sending your bay. hadn't seen the parallel in the start: Re: 2 bays.