Sunday, September 8, 2013

cutback / backcut

(originally posted in September 2010)


a home can be
a rounded piece of wood
___________________in an old tree
she realizes as she sits
with a cup of time
___________________in a garden

that dates back to the era
when gardens were cut in sizes
___________________large enough

to provide food
for a family & shelter
___________________for birds,

to encompass
in growing rings
___________________- the circle of life

.. and more virtual tree notes. so good to return to this label.

(for the 'Festival of the Trees' blog carneval)


karyn said...

I love this--especially how the shorter italicized poem is embedded in the larger one ~

Rose Hunter said...

We some similar blue up at our blogs!

daniela elza said...

lovely contrasts, Dorothee. What blue.
and yes the embedded poem. right down my lane. :-)

Dorothee said...

thans for your notes.

must be some blues in the air :

i'm happy how the poem shaped out - it's based on a draft that hibernated in a file since more than a season. now it sprouted.

Dave said...

Hi Dorothee - Glad to see you in the FoTT! Those rings encompass us all, don't they, like ripples in water only slower.

Jasmine said...

Great poem, love the twin poem style. You have given me some ideas. Thank you :)