Monday, September 13, 2010

on life, and music, and pace

monday. rain, then sun. no news channels so far. instead, i finally found that link i looked for while writing for the "can't wait" issue of 52/250 flash. it's a small large animated meditation on life based on a text of Alan Watts: Life and Music.

and more life thoughts, featured in Moving Poems: "The Men Who Don’t Fit In" by Robert Service, as recited by Christopher Herwig at the fascinating pace of 1-2 lines a day - who created the video while hiking and rafting across Iceland from North to South in July 2010. (a non-moving version of the poem is available here: The Men Who Don't Fit In.).

while visiting Moving Poems, also check out "Same Place Different View" by Anna Dickie.

(and nice to find the daily s-press mentioning in the the note on "My Pirate Neighbor")

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