Sunday, June 26, 2011

oenisplx / igrnimeeg / spnimirt

this post belongs to edition #7 of the language/place blog carnival: unwritten language / unnamed place, which is online now.

o         e          n           i          s          p       l          x

i        g         r         n        i         m      e         e       g

s       p        n          i        m        i              r            t

"oenisplx / igrnimeeg / spnimirt"
a series of asemic images
by Karyn Eisler & Dorothee Lang

for some notes on the process + the place reflected
visit Karyn Eisler's blog entry: oenisplx/asemic

+ for more unwritten languages + unnamed places,
browse the language/place blog carnival


Rose Hunter said...

I would still like to order some woodcuts... Very cool!

Sherry O'Keefe said...

yep! good stuff! i mean...odgo ffust!

Karyn Eisler said...

Sherry > that's funny :-)