Monday, December 5, 2011

Canary Christmas Tree

Note: this is a blog post from Lanzarote island, which belongs to the Canary islands - politcally, this group of islands belong to Spain, but geographically, their closest neighbour is the West Sahara, about 100 miles away.

Lanzarote island isn't a place of many trees - the ones that grow are mainly palm trees, many of them single trees, looking like natural landmarks in the vast, empty lava landscape.


There also are some olive trees growing in a few places, and in some frontyards, you can see Dracaena trees - which are called "Drachenbaum" in German: "Dragon Tree". But fir trees? No chance. So the Christmas decoration here mainly consists of stars, angels and assorted blinking figures which are hung across streets or added to lamp posts. But in some places, people get creative and shape their own christmas tree. Like this one:


For a larger version of the image, click here.

And for another southern version of a christmas tree, try this link from Rose Hunter, Mexico: Christmas Tree.

Feliz Navidad - Happy Christmas!

More trees + more moments from Lanzarote


Anonymous said...

thanks for this. who knew? (not me!)

Vicky said...

I had seen some people in Florida put lights on palm trees, but this is super neat! Thanks for posting!

Dorothee said...

I havn't seen a tree like this before, either! Will keep an eye out for other creative trees.

Anonymous said...

Nice! I thought the wife and I were the only ones. We're in N.TX where there are plenty of evergreens but due to lack of space(not laziness; no, couldn't be that;-), we just string up some lights on the fake ficus in the corner. Voila! Christmas Tree!

Darius Adlam said...

The photo of that palm tree's silhouette is stunning. It does appear to be the only tree in a very vast area. It could've been more beautiful if there are more trees with it. A group of palm trees can be quite a sight, right? ^__^