Friday, January 6, 2012

"Sitting With" the statues in the British Museum (qarrtsiluni Worship issue)

in August, qarrtsiluni had a call up for their "Worshop" issue - a theme that made me ponder, then skip it, just to return to it again, ponder on it some more, and come up with a submission of a photo i took a while ago, of 2 people and 3 statues. it is online now: "Sitting With".

above, the image that i took right before "Sitting With", it also hints at the place: it's not a temple, but the Asian section of the British Museum. a museum that, seen from another angle, is a temple itself: a temple of knowledge, discovery and memory. here's another photo i took there, that's the library section:

when i saw the 2 people in the "Sitting With" picture, i wondered what exactly they are doing there - praying, resting, reading? and looked over their shoulder. to find: they were sitting with the statues in front of them to draw them.

it's exciting to see this photo go online now, just some days after i came across the theme in of worship and paying attention / sitting with in a quote by David Foster Wallace (more here: T-Truth). and another moment from the British Museum, here:  London - around the world in a day.

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