Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blast from the Past, or: Facebook photo moments

Sometimes facebook with all its odd sorting algorithms and all the economic strings attached to it leaves me frustrated - but sometimes it can be such a lovely meet-and-look-at-photos-together-interational caf√©. 

In the last couple of days, it brought back photos and memories of Vienna and meeting fellow blogger Karyn there. The string of memories got started with a photo of Worl(d)s Apart, read by Mel, posted by Folded Word's wonderful publisher Jessi Graustein.

And thinking of it, the book title is fitting: all of us are far away right now, but meeting directly in a facebook thread. (you can find all in my facebook profile: photos & memories )

Now the string of memories even brought back this photo of postcards, sent from Vienna into the world: 

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Anonymous said...

That really was a fun facebook reminiscence! So good to see the three postcards here : ) Thanks for posting this.