Friday, February 6, 2015

sunrise + winterlight + weathers

for sky friday + photo friday: a recent sunrise and winter walk,
together with small moments from previous winters + weathers


overcast day
cold front coming, named: Cooper
i browse archives, arrive in May and July,
visit pink flowers and a dove’s wing:
all those days, highs, lows,
following each other,
moving through / us




first of feburary,
the day after frost and snow
and the christroses open
their eleventh petal
in white and rose
as if it was spring already

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fredamans said...

That first shot is a beautiful photo! Love how vast it is and the clouds with the colors, so pretty!

Nora said...

Such a wonderful photo on the top. I love the colors and the light!

Dorothee said...

thanks! the sunrise was the first real sunrise after more than a week of grey days. it was like a light show :)

Felicia said...

beautiful images, especially the first one.