Saturday, April 4, 2015

plans, or: rain haiku effect

"Introducing our new monthly Folded Word-Lab. This month you can read, write, and win with Ben Moeller-Gaa's haiku workshop. It's free. It's online. Give it a try? Folded Word-Lab: Haiku"

Reading the lines made me remember the plan i had in mind while in December, to start January with noticing and writing a daily small moment. I even had prepared the blog tag for it back then (see sidebar): smallstones - tiny moments

I wrote a stanza for the collab 2015 of Leaf Press, though, which is rather telling:
...every day h/our pattern of life: 
 this c/age of possibility—
until life happens
 while we were sk/etching plan(e)s.
So: plans.
If the moments didn't work out in January, why not try again now in April?

And, following that thought: Why not finally revisit that file that I once started? That was another plan I had in mind. To put together a small collection of those January smallstones, just for me. The first idea was to add photos, too. But now I tried the other way: instead of adding photos and make it complicated, simply make a word file out of it, and send it to myself, or rather: to my e-reader. So that those moments are easy to reach.

So the rain today, which is pouring since this morning, at least had a poetic effect: the first two new haiku are written. And there now is a simple file full of moments on my e-reader.

Including the one that I wrote this January after a walk through the snow, and found again in twitter (so much for organizing my own words well...):
Underneath the skin of white
The landscape of yesterday:
All the things that are there,
Beyond our sight



Anonymous said...

So happy to hear our Folded workshop gave you a moment. I too meant to do January smallstones and wasn't able to finish. With tha April sun, maybe we'll both succeed:-)

Cloudia said...


ALOHA from Honolulu,

Dorothee said...

Yes, the workshop is good inspiration! May April turn poetic and bring both sun and inspiration. i also enjoyed browsing the workshop link to the "Gourd" haiku magazine with the spring theme: