Saturday, May 23, 2015

found flower, found book, found poem

3 precious "finds" of this month:

Found Flower
Shopping for groceries and coming across those lovely "Margeriten" (Leucantehmum), and planting them in the garden.. which then lead to a bit more gardening. So good, to have arrived in May, to sit and enjoy the fresh colors of spring flowers.


Found Book
Picking a book I hadn't heard about in the "telephone book box" (a book exchange installed in an old telephone box). And back home, starting to read, and not wanting to end. It's a memoir of Meike Winnetmuth, who at age 50 gets the chance to be candidate in a quiz show - and wins half a million Euro. She decides to go travelling for a year, with the plan to visit 12 countries, and live in each one for a month in a city. The book is written in letters, starting with a letter from Sydney... here's the list of the 12 cities:

Buenos Aires
San Francisco
Tel Aviv
Addis Abeba


I read the book at the pace of 1 city / day and loved it. She also wrote a blog during this year, with many photos - here's the starting page: Sydney

It's probably one of the best books I read this year so far. Found by chance.


Found Poem
And the third precious find: coming across the found poem that fellow blogger Rose Hunter once wrote based on lines of my "in transit" collection:

you have to pretend you don't feel how
we can learn lessons then
forget them again
they are 10 cent a piece
against expectations, this idea of days of space this promise
to see and think and think and
see, until it makes sense -
his breath
at the edge of the ocean
this almost tenderness


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