Saturday, September 5, 2015

gone curing :) .... in Bad Waldsee, finally

Today: the third day for me in Bad Waldsee. Finally i am here, in "Kur"
Today: cloudy in the morning, and then the sun appeared - I went for a walk along the lake, and it was so lovely.
Today: finding a good wifi spot
Today: my first aqua walking session
Today: finally back to blogging
Today: happy

I will write a more detailed post in the next days, but wanted to share the first impressions from here. The days before the cure were filled with things-to-get-done and prepared, with packing and organizing, with all those last-minute-things. And then, on Thursday: driving here, and finally arriving here, which brought back the memory of my first visit:

In May, I was here in Bad Waldsee for an afternoon to get an idea of the place, to see if I like to stay here. "Bad Waldsee" means "Bathtown Forest lake", and that is just what this town is about: thermal water, cure houses, and a lake in the middle of town. Back then, I walked along the lake, and found this spot - and knew I would feel good here:

"The next time I am here, I will have completed all treatments. I will have done it," I thought back then.

And now I am here. For real. And it is sunny and beautiful.

I swam in the thermal spa already, and had my first massage - and have met several really nice fellow cure patients already.

It is so good to be here. And to think: 3 weeks of cure, of having time for me and my body and soul. Time to rejuvenate, to be in thermal water, to walk in fresh air, to walk along the lake, to be.

Such a wonderful time.


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Anonymous said...

This. Looks. Amazing. Thermal water and treatments ... sacred time : ) I hope time moves slowly for you here!