Sunday, July 10, 2016

serendipity - festival of words, day 1


Just when catching the photo
A bee ventures along, humming about
The things we can plan, and
All else


Such a nice double coincidence: browsing my wordpress-blogroll, I arrived at the Festival of Words Blog challenge. Which starts: today. And runs for 1 week, with daily posts. Now, how to come up with something on spot? Or maybe a revisit? ...As today is the warmest Sunday of the year, and the end of the soccer cup, a summer story memory popped up. To go with it, I tried a pink photo -- and it felt: a bee wanted to become part of this picture. Which then turned: into a summer on-the-spot-poem.

Above is a flash-version of the bee photo, and here's the original:

Now, off to browse the other blogs.

But first, the summer story, revisited:


Antelope Summer 

It was the summer of vuvuzelas. The ball rolled on and on, down there in the South of Africa, between all those countries of the world. Huge screens glowed in the night, green reflections of success and failure.

 Then suddenly, it was over. The TV channels returned to their normal daily and weekly schedules. The heat kept lingering, though. It turned lawns into patches of prairie: yellow and stubby the grass stood, as if waiting for antelopes and hyenas. Still hesitant, you went, and bought one of the last vuvuzelas on sale, and we finally learned to do the rain dance.


Esha said...

Glad to see you joined in the FoW, Dorothy! The dash of yellow in the pink is very striking! I also loved the sunset shot...truly golden moment captured very beautifully!!

Tina Basu said...

Hey Dorothy, welcome to the FOW#5 and that flower shot with the bee is so pretty and pink.

payal agarwal said...

Beautiful pictures, lovely words. :)

Anonymous said...

Great photos and so happy to see another "on the spot" linky like me! I look forward to your next 6 posts!

sunaina sharma said...

Bee is the mind buzzing thousand thoughts...should we still take that first step ..?!!!!

Dorothee said...

Thanks for the warm welcome and the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the photo and the dash of pink.
Looking forward to today's word festival posts. Cheers, Dorothee

Rajlakshmi said...

I first heard about vuvuzella during world cup soccer. Your story is so beautiful... the imagery brings happy pictures in my mind. Lovely capture too.