Saturday, February 11, 2017

Storm for goodbye, but also: a stunning sky evening

It's our final island day. And it is: storm. Heavy wind and rain. With some short sunny breaks between - so we still could have breakfast outside, with some sun. Now it is back to rain.

Would have been nice to have a sunny day for goodbye. But we had rather good weather during our stay here, and almost like a "grand final", a string of amazing sky moments yesterday evening, with a most amazing sunset at the lighthouse. So glad I went for a walk there and had my camera / phone with me.

On the way to the lighthouse, a rain cloud moved through and created a rainbow. Then, an amazing sunset. And walking back, the full moon was just rising. Happy :) ...and lucky, too: just an hour later, the storm front started to move in, and it started to rain.
I tried to film all 3 sky moments, and then combined the videos (with Youtube Video Manager, first time i tried such a combination, and it worked well).

Now: packing, sorting, and with the rain: time to prepare some things for next week already, following the motto: "If you can't change it, try to make use of it..."

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