Tuesday, January 5, 2010

leaf press: cold

the wonderful editors of leaf press organized a collaborate winter poem for the start of the year, collecting couplets from different poets. the theme and title of the poem fits these days of january: it is "cold". here the link: leafpress/Mondays_Poems/Cold

i read through the lines of the whole poem yesterday while sipping hot tea, amazed by all those different 2-line aspects of cold, and excited to find "my lines" there, as closing of the fifth stanza:

hidden beneath layers of wool / fleece / angora: my skin
pale and patient, hibernating towards lighter days

such good company of poets. and again, 2 current blueprintreview contibutors included:

Daniela Elza
(BluePrintReview #22 poem: dying for answers)

Patrick Pilarski
(BluePrintReview #19 poem: Cars Without Headlights + upcoming in #23)


Nicolette Wong said...

Hi Dorothee - just thought I'd say Hi and wish you a fabulous year in 2010. I checked out your stuff sometimes though only added your blog the other day.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

The 'leaf press' collaborative poem is such an interesting concept. I just love it, and your lines are beautiful. I'm glad you put them on your blog, because looking at the poem as a whole, i was curious which couplet was yours, but wasn't sure.

And to think, 'leaf press' is right on Vancouver Island, just a ferry ride away, with a bit of driving, and there are your words, alongside so many Canadians, mostly from the province of British Columbia. It's almost like you've moved next door!