Saturday, March 27, 2010

from Molly Gaudry, for me: Butterfly Show

"For $1.00, I will write you a poem and post it here and on our friend, Facebook," Molly said on her webpage. Molly said some 23 more things about the reasons to do this, one of it was "Yes!", which, combined with her name, made me think of Ulysses. (haven't made it to the last page of Ulysses? google 'Ulysses Molly Yes'). there you are. Yes.

so, yes, it was.

and now the poem arrived. and it's beautiful. and sad. it includes a blue butterfly and a crack in a glass dome. it is here:

Butterfly Show - for Dorothee Lang

that's me, i thought when i read it, and reached the last line. me, a couple of years ago, when i was trapped in a media money circus place that left no space for poetry and butterflies, and left me searching for a crack in the shiny glass halls, to escape before my own words and wings got crushed. when i finally found the crack, they said: 'you are so brave, leaving for a journey on your own'. they didn't understand that it wasn't about being brave. but about surviving.

thanks Molly. this is wonderful.

PS:. while there, make sure to visit the other poems, too, they are all up in Molly's archive March. each is different, and special. and here the link to the poetry note: "I will write a poem" - this is still on.

PPS: and some more about that media circus, and the journey, here: Living ?s for Dorothee Lang.


Molly Gaudry said...

Great interview, re: PPS! And thank you for providing me the opportunity to write the poem . . .

Karyn said...

Molly, glad you enjoyed the Living?s
interview with Dorothee:-)

And what a wonderful project. I just went to your website and ordered a poem ~