Sunday, January 30, 2011

PicFic: D(ash) - Tr(ash)

"For our January issue our theme is ASH and we were wondering if you two would be interested in collaborating on two PicFic's together." - that's the message that reached Karyn Eisler and me from Folded Word in December.

Karyn moved right into the ash, and then sent a first sketch. i moved on from it. back and forth through ashes we mailed, and arrived at 2 fl(ash)es that can be read in either sorting:

- Tr(ash) by Karyn Eisler

- D(ash) by Dorothee Lang

- Karyn's blog note on Tr(ash)/D(ash)

- and for more PicFic ash, click here.


the play with (b)rackets and full.stops
is a writing theme that appeared earlier this month already, in my short story h.owl. here's some more on it, in quotes:

- footnote of H.owl: "with thanks to Daniela Elza, who sparked the idea of including the words that can be found inside words in a story."

- blog note from Daniela Elza: "I thought I came up with the technique while working on my micro story The Math to enhance some of the undercurrent emotions. So perhaps it is time to give it a name, which will definitely have to be shorter than: stepping inside words on a snowy evening. I already have some ideas, but I am always open to suggestions. For now full.stops: breathing inside words appeals the most."

- from my comment to Daniela's blog note: "good that there is a name for this method now: “full.stops: breathing inside words”. which made me think of the German word for word: Wort. which could be full.stopped: W.ort (with “Ort” being “place”: a different place inside a word)."

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Karyn Eisler said...

I'm so glad you dug through the emails to find the initial invitation that got our words rolling ...