Saturday, January 29, 2011

reading: Movie Plots & Curving the line

above, a collage of books and stories that i look forward to browsing this weekend:

"Curving the Line / Curvando la línea" - poems by Carmen Leñero, translated by Lorna Crozier. this beautiful, bilingual collection is from Leaf Press. i just love this book, the voice it carries. i opened it at random when i first opened it, and arrived at “Sayings of the Toad”. here's one stanza from it:

Two sorts of freedom:
through richness, through

Hay dos formas de libertad:
por abundancia o por despojo.

so poignant, it's zen-like when put as single poem. it also brings me back to my spanish – i learned the language during university a bit, i can’t speak spanish, but i enjoy the sound, and enjoy reading it. (more about it, here)


yesterday, a surprise arrival: "Movie Plots" by Nick Admussen - the first publication of Epiphany Magazine, and an experiment in chapbook publishing: purchasers will receive a freely distributed PDF file by email, and a finely printed letter-press cover per mail, to assemble. 


and i printed the longer texts from the new language & place carnival, to read on paper. one that stunned me: Nora Nadjarian's blog entry with the poem about Armenia: When you return to Ashtarak. and: Michael J. Solender's this perfect moment. and perfect for today: the walk into the Moor by Julia Davies: where I live/where I love.
and here, to round this up, my own contribution to language/place: a reflection on reading. When Home is a Page.