Sunday, May 13, 2012

Don Quijote Sweet Tooth Sugar Fish

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yesterday a big comic event took place in Germany: “Gratis Comic Tag” / “Free Comic Day” – about 200 comic shops offered special free comics. i was involved into the event through the comic project i freelance for, and received a set of the comics earlier this week.

but it was both fun and interesting to walk into a real shop and see the real comics and people, in contrast to all the digital blogging and pages, especially as there also was a Star Wars signing going on in the shop i visited.

altogether, 30 free comics were on offer, with themes ranging from humour to crime, from historic to apokalyptic and from big international themes to german indie. it's a great way to explore authors and series.

above, some of my favourites so far: "Don Quijote" is a modern comic that incorporates the classic Don Quijote figure in a modern world, with a grandson that thinks he is Batman, "Wave and Smile" is actually German, and about the Afghanistan War, and  "Zuckerfisch" ("Sugar Fish") is a collection of comic strips. "Sweet Tooth" is an apocalyptic US-series that is launching in Germany now, and "Die Katze des Rabbiners" ("The rabbi's cat") is a philosophical french comic.

one thing that was interesting: even though there are lots of free comics in the web - and some of the 30 comics are actually print-versions of online comics - the free comics attracted a lot of attention. there even were people who went to Berlin, as with all the comic shops there, you had a chance to collect all free comics when you trailed all shops.

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