Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Evening window view. Just as the birds settle, the first bats appear, winging it, while the temperature drops. Still the sky pulls me out again.

Somehow, when it comes to books these days, i am more drawn to non-fiction. Pondered the possible reasons today. Could it be that after the rough happenings of the last months, fictional easy-ways-out and happy-endings - even though they should ease the mood - right now basically feel sort of irritating?

Terracotta houses with gargoyle guards. Wind-angled pine trees. New petals and rusted metal. All those thousand details that make a place. And then, again, the vast of blue.

Still thinking about Miro. Such creative energy and expression. Some details from the visit: Constellations. Museum café with Miro cup and statue. A table with "free price" books. One of them, about 3 artists, in 2 languages. Even with some poetry: "que é aquí a auga?" - "what is water here?"

Early morning silhouette horizon. Gratitude and longing.