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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

wheelhouse: (R)Evolution

the new issue of wheelhouse is online.
it inlcudes a virtual revolution... here:

a hypercosmos by D. Lang + K. Eisler + L. Eisler

this piece started as a visual poem, and then morphed into a poetic hypertext. one impulse for the step into hypertext came through Susan Gibb, who wrote about the fascination and the difficulties of hypertext in her blog. around that time, the blueprintreview (dis)comfort launched, which then lead to a blog entry about hypertext, here some quotes that also relate to (R)Evolution:

"..hypertext entertains the question of new media being metafictional by nature. We’ve gotten used to seeing text as thoughts and read them not as signs and sybolic marks upon a background (think of looking at a page of Chinese writing when you can’t read the language).. Even as I encourage others to try the hypertext form, I realize it’s out of comfort zone for many writers as well as readers." - link: elation + (dis)comfort: hypertext

needless to say, we were tempted to take the visual poetry pages we had, and see how this might evolve as hypertext.

hypertext structures + visual side-effects
also, we were curious about hypertext structures. and so mailed with Susan Gibb, and sent a hand-drawn sketch of what we had so far. she mailed back a structure suggestion - in one amazing image, done in Tinderbox. which then inspired some creative work with those hyper-notes on the process -- which lead to 2 visuals, published in Otoliths in May as collaborate work of the 3 of us: induction/deduction.

i think this is the first project with notes turning into an own collaboration. working on this was interesting on so many levels - (R)Evolution also connects to the multi-media piece Karyn and i created last year, "Pop Up Poptagon", published in Locus Novus.

Poptagon had a linear structure: every page leads to a defined next page.
(R)Evolution, in contrast, has "crossing"-pages that come with a choice, with options for the way to take. the curious thing is that there in fact is only 1 main "crossing", and 2 sub-"crossings" - it's really a simple hypertext form. yet when working on it, it took a sketch to be able to keep track of the structure, even though the whole thing consists of "only" 7 pages, plus title and ending pages.

a hyper-thanks to Susan for her input and help, and for keeping a hypertext blog with notes and diagrams - check it out here: hypercompendia.

more (R)Evolution:
Karyn's blog post: (R)evolution: Wheelhouse
Susan's blog post: Literature (&Hypertext): (R)Evolution

Saturday, September 26, 2009

self, continued

just 2 days ago i included the note on our multiple selves (3 posts down, thinking about thinking). and now i just ran into 2 works on aspects of our selves:

- Palindrome / Isabelle Carbonell (videopainting about the mirror of identity)

- Fragments of our Former Selves / baron and crow (text-image-collage)

this also made me think of the Pascal Mercier quote from August again: "If it is that way, that we only can live a small part of all that is in us - what happens with the rest?" (trains of thought).


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Locus Novus: POP UP poptagon

it started with some images of backyard flowers sent back and forth as mail additions. then came some floored peonies. and a tossed thought in a mail:

"here, a rain front washed through. the peonies are floored. i just was outside, trying to perk them up a bit. picture to follow.
we could start to work on a flower-collaboration ;-)"
- d.

there it was. the idea. on the page.

the answer to it was a base concept.

"did you get a photo of the peonies in their 'floored' state? that could be interesting to embed in a flower collaboration piece somehow (if you were actually serious in your last e-mail re: initiating such a thing)!
a hammered spring flower amidst others in their new perfection state - a triple sense of the word POP:
(1) new buds freshly open,
(2) another gunned down,
(3) pop art colours
- which so many spring and summer flowers are. perhaps if we did something, we could call it that - POP!"

- k.

and so Karyn and i moved from our first collaborate work (Dealing with Family and Friends) to dealing with flowers and pop associations. and arrived at POP UP poptagon.

it took a while to get that one together. now it is complete. and up in Locus Novus, a magazine that is all about synthesis of text and images and sound. thanks to Faruk Ulay, editor of Locus Novus and flash wizard, the POP collaboration now even includes some extra pop effects. the floored peonies are included, too -- you see them when pop turns lilac.

here the link: POP UP poptagon


(and keep your flowers crossed for us. just as POP UP went live, i received a mail from the Japan Media Art Festival, inviting submission of multimedia works. so now, pop-up is on the way to japan: 'a multimedia work by Dorothee Lang & Karyn Eisler, flowchart included'.)