Monday, June 30, 2008


"one day someone hopefully will invent a software that visualizes all those little, amazing web connections."

this line, i wrote it start of May. it came back to me today, while searching for a web page i had visited somewhen in June.

frustrated, i sat there, lost in an ocean of data. maybe it's time for a new blog, i thought. and while at it, i might reorganize my blueprint21-webpage, too.

now, where to start?

maybe with a conjunction. or rather, with the new issue of it: Conjunctions #50. featuring 50 contemporary authors. one of them: Sandra Cisneros. whose story “Natural Daughter” made me sit and copy two of its lines on a piece of paper. lines that feel like the theme of this year.

“What do you expect to get from all this?”
“I don’t know. I am a writer. It’s my job to think about things.”

1 comment:

Cathrine said...

beautiful :-)

what do I expect to get from all "this"? Just more of the same :-). It's is wonderful just as "it" is :)