Tuesday, September 30, 2008

multi author projects

"what if we wrote a story together, via the internet..."

that's the idea that started 2028, the web project i am part of. by chance, i came across another multi-author projects last week - which then made me go and google, to see if there are more projects happening right now. here some links i found:

Babel Street
an evolving web of stories set in a hotel
this is an online project, written by 4 authors

View from the top
a multi author novel
also an online project, with 2 main authors and guest authors

A novel million
a globally created multi-author story
at least that's what the page says. oddity of this: anyone can join by paying $1 per word, 50 words minimum. well.

and then there is a book:
"A work of fiction penned by 10 well-known authors, each of whom wrote a chapter, creating a cumulative tale."

i guess there are more projects of that kind online, but they might not necessarily describe themselves as "multi-author" work. (that's the term i googled.)

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