Tuesday, October 7, 2008

eclectica: berlin, alexanderplatz

"We provide broad categories for convenience's sake, but we love to get material that just doesn't fit into them."

says eclectica, one of the longest-running ezines in the web - it started in 1996. at that time, i hadn't been to the eastern side of germany yet, the one that had been locked up for so long. i had been to east berlin, though. in 1986. on a school excursion. no one would have guessed that three years later, the german-german border would open. even when it finally happened, it felt surreal.

i returned to Berlin in 1998, on a fly-in-and-out business trip that left just enough time for a quick walk down Kürfürstendamm. a real short trip followed recently, and the unexpected memories that surfaced during the stay now merged into a text that is half travelogue and half short story:
Berlin, Alexanderplatz

looking at the dates, it's somehow fitting this went online just now, a couple of day after the 3rd October, the "Tag der deutschen Einheit" - the day of german unity.


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