Tuesday, December 2, 2008

qarrtsiluni: zombi

"The theme this time is Journaling the Apocalypse. We’re soliciting original writing, video, music, art and photography created in response to this self-destructive prophetic fire at the heart of our civilization — or any civilization (and there are many) with end-of-time myths. We’re not looking for grand syntheses, but concrete and intimate portraits of the earth’s inhabitants and landscapes as they approach ground zero."

said the quarrtsiluni call for submissions.

some days later, i browsed photo files. and came across this street scene from Crete. the wall belonged to a building next to a parking spot, not far from the public swimming hall. it's picture #4227 from that camera. i cropped the photo.. and out came a colourful graffiti moment, including Pax and a fast-forward icon in blue: Zombi.

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albert john said...

Hai.....It is simply supeb episode and very interesting to us...Thanks.
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