Friday, January 9, 2009

Margriet de Moor - First Gray, Then White, Then Blue

one of the books that i almost gave up on at page 50, as i found it challening to get into the narrative with its constantly changing timelines. it was the outstanding reviews that made me carry on, and voilà, 20 pages further, i was drawn into its stream of narrative, and into the interesting structure: a story told in 4 different views, and a constant mix of present and flashbacks.

book page: First Gray, Then White, Then Blue

author page: Margriet de Moor (Bussum, Niederlande)

line to remember: "Ich habe festgestellt, daß sich ganz in der Nähe des Lebens, in dem man zufällig gelandet ist, ein anderes befindet, das man genauso gut hätte führen können..."

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