Saturday, February 7, 2009


it's about 6 weeks now that i follow the new concept of virtual notes - here the main clues to it again:

here's the plan for the next weeks:
- take 1 photo of the day that catches my mood, and post it.
- take some time to follow blog links, and post 1 link that made me ponder.

(20. december, time for a change)

looking at it now, this daily photo routine really makes a difference. there is a whole file of photos coming from it, photo i wouldn't have taken otherwise. as it looks, one of it will be the cover photo of the upcoming issue of indefinite space. and there are different series of collaborate visuals that are in work right now, also partly based on some of the daily photos.

and fitting to this collaborate wave, photo friday has the theme "team" this week. that's how the image above happened: as a coll/image.

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