Monday, February 9, 2009

Daniel Kehlmann - Ruhm

this weekend, i finished Daniel Kehlmann's new novel Ruhm (Fame). it's a book that feels, after the huge historic / scientific, almost classic novel he wrote before, he wanted to write something very different. so he wrote a contemporary novel that in fact is "a novel in nine short stories". with characters that overlap - side characters from one story turn into the main character of the next story.

the second story starts with a passage that explains the concept: in it, an author is the main character, and he tells someone about the concept of the novel he writes. and the concept is exactly the novel of the book in hand.

interesting connection in theme: today, j.a. tyler posted about his upcoming novel/novella In Love With A Ghost: "it will be a novel or novella or novel-in-stories or novella-in-stories or something of the like."

line to remember from Ruhm: "Ein Roman ohne Hauptfigur! Verstehst du? Die Komposition, die Verbindungen, der Bogen, aber kein Protagonist, kein durchgehender Held." - "Interessant", sagte Elisabeth mĂĽde.

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