Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jurek Becker - Warnung vor dem Schriftsteller

never judge a book by its cover. and i'm glad i didn't, and picked the Becker book, even though it comes in the shape and colour of those have-to-read books back in school. but the title was too tempting: "Warnung vor dem Schriftsteller" - "Beware of the author". it includes 3 lectures, with great quotes. here my favourite lines: "Ein Zustand begrenzter Zugehörigkeit ist ohnehin nich der schlechteste, für Schriftsteller schon gar nicht."
and this one, quoted from Adorno: "Nur was sie nicht zu verstehen brauchen, gilt ihnen als verständlich."

and then, Lars Gustafsson. i started it, but then gave up after 50 pages, and read the ending pages. and then, looking at the book, finally figured out its secret attraction: i've seen the cover painting. in original. in the K2 museum in Düsseldorf. the painting, it must have left an imprint. and nice to find the title of it in book: "Au premier mot limipide", 1923, Max Ernst.

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