Monday, May 18, 2009

compostxt: under s core, real i ty, sed i ment

the second collaboration with Jeff Crouch, featured in an italian/american zine.
i like these kind of crossovers. especially when they happen in this fast-forward pace. last week, we worked on the visuals. this week, they are up.

here the direct link: under s core, real i ty, sed i ment

(actully, this is the third collaboration. the second will be up in Wheelhouse in July).


and i now tried to translate the subtitle of compostxt, via babelfish, so, well.

"Tutto è un modo di dire, se si dice. Quando si muore, è un modo di morire (Carmelo Bene)"

"All it is a way to say, if it is said. When it is died, it is a way to die (Carmelo Well)"

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