Sunday, June 14, 2009

on the road in the stream (or: hurricanes II)

so far, it's a sunny sunday. but there might be thunderstorms coming later in the afternoon. in this sunday mood, and following Ash Wednesday and the hurricane theme, i looked for the Hemingway book today. it comes with its own story: some years ago, i was on a road trip in South France (accompanied by Kerouac's "On the Road").

in one of the guesthouses, there was a book shelf with books other guests left. there was crime, romance, horror. and in between all those stood Hemingway and his Islands in the Stream. which accompanied me on the way back home. long story short: here now, the hurricane quote. it's right on page 2.

"He also knew that hurricanes could be so bad that nothing could live through them. He always thought, though, that if there was ever one that bad he would like to be there for it and go with the house if she went."

and three pages further, another great quote, the synthesis and antisynthesis of french road trips in one sentence:

"Now when he was lonesome for Paris he would remember Paris instead of going there."


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