Sunday, June 21, 2009

plot diagram

today i came across a blog post about Roberto Bolano's novel "The Savage Detectives" - it included a diagram that visualizes the structural technique.

the diagram, created to keep track of the story, then lead to a philosophical reflection:

"I loved this structural technique. Belano and Lima never give their own accounts of themselves - instead, their multi-faceted portraits are painted by countless others. This technique also got me thinking about the general trajectory of a given person's relationships with people.
If you could map out your life and your interactions with friends and acquaintances, would it look roughly look like this? A slowly, constantly expanding map, with some relationships maintained properly and some lost? With a number of short, intense periods spent with individuals, then never seeing them again? With years elapsing between meetings?"

rather amazing. now i am curious for the book. (and for the diagram of my life).

here the whole post: The Savage Detectives / Literateneroids.blogspot


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