Monday, June 15, 2009

stop and stare (or: hurricanes 3)

since i started to read Ethan Hawke's "Ash Wednesday", i stumble across lines that made me stop and stare and think of it again. like today:

the new issue of Freight Stories is up. i printed 3 stories to take them outside. one of them was "Yellow" by Jason Skipper. it comes with this counterpart line about time:

"She wants to tell her to think more about time, to make it stop when she wants. Stop and stare at things a while. Don’t be impatient to move on. But don’t be scared to move on either."

and then, one story further, in "Mont Royal" by Margart McMullan, this line:

"Molly was drunk enough to tell Cassandra all her woes about the Mississippi Gulf Coast which had been destroyed by the hurricane. “When you see the chaos up-close, when you see homes and gardens blown apart like that,” Molly said, dizzy with the thought, “it just leaves you breathless. Who knows when something can just blow us all away.”


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