Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the story is all

while having a web-coffee, i came across this group-interview with 10 editors in Clarkesworld Magazine:

The Story Is All - Ten Fiction Editors Talk Shop.

here are 2 quotes:

about submitting
When I'm reading an unsolicited manuscript, I'm reading to reject. I need to be done with your piece as quickly as I can, because there're 20 more in that stack, and my wife is going to bed in 30 minutes, without me if necessary. So you've got a few precious minutes to grab my attention, and you better use them. - O'Neill / Black Gate

about stories
Do something with your life other than struggling to sell stories. Sheila Williams, above, rightly recommends that you populate your stories. I'd say you should populate your life. Do some stuff that not all the other striving writers have done. Go out into the world and discover interesting things about how it works. Report back.
Or, alternately, live in a closet and eat cactus. Emily Dickinson barely ever left her room. It really doesn't matter how you do it. It's not about writers and editors, it's about stories and readers. - Nielsen Hayden /


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