Friday, June 19, 2009

Some Story Taste Things

it's friday - which somehow turned into short-story day since i read through the Story South Award stories.

and today is double-short story day:

Million Writers Award Winners announced
"The sixth annual Million Writers Award is now closed. The winners, based on the popular vote, are:
First place: "The Fisherman's Wife" by Jenny Williams (LitNImage)
Runner-up: "Fuckbuddy" by Roderic Crooks (Eyeshot)
Honorable mention (third place): "No Bullets in the House" by Geronimo Madrid (Drunken Boat)"


+ New Stories
and here, some of my recent favourite short stories:

- Taste by by Surajit Chakravarty in the new issue of Cha
- The Things that Make Me Weak and Strange Get Engineered Away by Cory Doctorow in
- Some Kind of Memorial by BJ Hollars + Brendan Todt in the new issue of Hobart

- Hobart also comes with an interview with Jed Berry. here some remarkable lines from it:

"Sometimes I want to declare: "The boundaries between genres are meaningless!" But then I think of the wonderful material that exists because genre boundaries have been drawn. The tropes are familiar because they've been used and reused — wearing them out in some regards but also giving them almost archetypal qualities. Their resonance is undeniable, and I'm drawn to them in part because they allow for a kind of shorthand.

Look at what Cormac McCarthy did with The Road (one of the most devastatingly beautiful novels of recent times, in my opinion). The world has ended in that book — really ended — and McCarthy never had to explain what happened to bring the apocalypse about. It's over, everything's covered in ash, there are cannibals, and that's all we need to know. He was able to pull that off in part because so many science fiction writers had already done the work of ending the world for him."


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