Sunday, July 26, 2009

Amanda Sthers: Die Geisterstraße

in the newspaper: the story of the woman who was shot in court. she was the witness. the man who shot her was the one accused. the reason for the process: he had insulted her on a playground, simply because she looked arabian/muslim. she hadn't backed off. instead she had called the police. the irony: the man himself has an immigrant background, coming from Russia. and more irony: in the court room, her husband ran to help and protect her, and got injured by the police who in the confusion mixed him up with the attacker.

painfully fitting with the article: the novel i read today. Amanda Sthers. "Die Geisterstraße" ("Chicken Street"). the story of a muslim woman in Afghanistan who gets pregnant. the father: a Western reporter who only visits the country for a couple of days. she asks a letter-writer for help, to contact him. the sad end (and start) of the book: she gets killed by her family. together with the letter-writer - his fault: he is jewish. and meant to help her.

Afghanistan and here. not so far away, on some days.


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