Wednesday, July 8, 2009

blueprintreview #21

the new issue of blueprintreview is online!
# 21: shortcuts / detours

"shortcuts / detours (geographic, emotional, practical, experimental, philosophic, stylistic, controversial, etc)" said the call for this issue.

truth is, i wasn't sure what to expect when submissions opened. (which is why we try those things, right?)

first arrivals were: a beginning. a railway poem. a future invasion. a set of road pictures. and a pale heart, with just the right beat. up to that point, the issue unfolded in fast forward shortcuts.

yet the road turned strange. the next arrivals consisted of ghosts. and killer tales. there were great images, which didn't want to connect to texts, and vice versa. i tried time and again. and got nowhere. detour, it was.

then faith arrived, in a story. together with a walk home. to get there, i went fishing for clues. and received a lake. and a chief thought. plus, more coffee. which finally let the pages start to click. now the issue is complete, reaching from classic to postmodern and from first to second to third person. the shortest cut: "revision" - a parallel world in 40 words. the farthest detour: "library" - with a loop that even includes Othello and Emily Dickinson.

also in this issue: a literally cutting memoir. a certain cooper, appearing twice. a long panorama of one moment in a second of time. and an experimental blog question.

here the shortcut to the detour: blueprintreview #21.

enjoy the journey~


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