Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Famous Album Covers: The White Squares

the concept of Famous Album Covers is both fictional and fancy: "Fictional bands with fictional stories - and most important of all: famous fictional album covers you have never seen."

Jeff Crouch invited me to join the fun, and as bands are all about playing together, i grouped up with Karyn Eisler for a session. out came our album: "The White Squares - No Gigs Past 8".

enjoy ~

PS: if you look for deeper square meanings, there are several. here's some:

Dorothee, 17.07.
here's another line we might add to the text - see what you think:
"Some say white is the envy of the world," jokes Bereth 'Blacky' White, lead singer of the band. "When really, we aren't living in a magical square, but in the usual suburban oasis no trains reach after 8pm, that's all."

Karyn, 18.07.
on a general level, this turns out to be quite the statement about race relations x urban planning x segregation x the black roots of rock and its white appropriation ..... and the eventual development of white sanitized bubblegum bands ....
on a more specific level, i think of michael jackson and his shifting complexion and his isolation in neverland.
i would suggest to shift from 'blacky' to 'blacken' b/c of the extremely negative connotation of the term 'blacky' in north america.
do you think the word 'white' in the quote, should be 'White' [capitalized] - thus offering a dual reading - both a reading at the level of 'race' and also a shorthand band name reading?

Dorothee, 18.07.
that's interesting. i hadn't consciously thought of this, but i wondered about the skin colour of the band members when putting the lines together.
yes, let's shift from 'blacky' to 'blacken' then. funny, here in germany "blacky" as short name is positive - a very famous tv-show entertainer (white-skin) has the short name "blacky".
about 'white' / 'White' - i tried it in layout, i would go with capitalized. it could be a short form of the band name, the colour white, and of course, white as a social group: the white ones / White Anglo Saxon Protestants.

Karyn, 19.07.
isn't that something. a great example of the contrast in meanings the same word can have cross-cuturally, even as the world moves toward becoming a monoculture in so many ways.
and white: the colour white, of course, i forgot that one! we've got a triple strike!

for more square meanings, dig deep ~

addition / update:

More Black/Whiteness: "Food Slurs / Multicultural Mockings"
i now did some digging myself, and unearthed yet another layer of black/white background -
a cross-culture collaboration that picks up on the same theme. it comes from a different angle, though: not pop. but food.
here it is: "Food Slurs - an e-flection on multicultural mockings"

(and again, it's a piece that was lost, and that i now retrieved and put up in layout again - it's from the journal 'Sage of Consciousness', from their issue 'Multicultural Minglings' / July 2006)


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