Tuesday, July 14, 2009

into the past

i just came across webpages that i believed were lost! so amazing - it really seems to be a time of surprise side effects and parallels. this is how it happened:

through a previously published Kissie Kiss - story in blueprintreview #20, the idea popped up to dedicate a whole blueprintreview issue to reprints: issue #22.

the call for reprinted submissions went online last week, together with issue 21. (check out the whole story of how this happened here: the triangle story behind the reprint call for submissions.)

as it turned out, another editor pondered on previously published works, too: Tammy Ho, the incredible editor of Cha magazine. her focus: orphaned texts, as in: texts that get published in an online publication that goes offline. here the blog entry, which also includes a note on the reprint call: The demise of small online publications.



since this weekend, things look a bit brighter for the orphaned works and the respective authors: Cha magazine will feature a new regular section dedicated to orphaned works. here the link to the announcement note: Lost Teas.

and there is more: while mailing about online-magazines-gone-offline with a friend, i remembered a web archive search engine. good that i still had the link somewhere, the thing is named: waybackmachine.

and it does just that. it moves back into the past. to lost magazines.
here are 2 of them:

Dicey Brown
last published issue:
summer 2006
previous issues:
Dicey archive

Turk Magazine
last published issue:
#11, April 2006
previous issues:
Turk archive

how wonderful is that? i will look for other magazines which have disappeared, and will probably do a series of lost+found blog entries, and then also add an extra page with lost+found magazine links in the reprint issue.

- update, some hours later:-
i just noticed this blueprint coincidence: issue 20 is titled "The Missing Part". issue 21 is: "shortcuts/detours". and together, those 2 issues now lead to a shortcut to missing parts.


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