Friday, August 21, 2009

Cha, Zoo, Dance

the new issue of Cha is up - here the link: Cha August 2009. i instantly fell for the title artwork, and for the Swift quote and the combined reflections on it in the editorial.

I remember some other life as if it's mine.
My country has become a stamp, weather,
And what my mother says, over the phone.


also up and open now: J. A. Tyler's "The Zoo - A Going". which is: a whole novella, posted one piece a time. right now, there is the fox:

He says the fox is on stilts, my dad, when it passes by the place we are looking. We are up on a step, mom dad son, and we are watching past the edge of bushes, watching the fox on stilts walking circles around this thing, this rectangle.

to come next: the panther, the jaguar, the cheetah.


and a link from last week - i took a New Yorker short story with me for the flight: Sherman Alexie's "War Dances". the first line of it drew me in:

A few years ago, after I returned home to Seattle from a trip to Los Angeles, I unpacked my bag and found a dead cockroach, shrouded by a dirty sock, in a corner. Shit, I thought. We’re being invaded.

looks like a collection of short stories at first, but don't get tricked. it's one humorous & existential story.


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