Sunday, August 9, 2009

Frank McCourt: Tag und Nacht und auch im Sommer

one of the books i don't want to end: Frank McCourt's "Teacher Man". (which has a different title in German, a quote from the book: "Tag und Nacht und auch im Sommer" - "Day and Night and also in Summer").

i picked the book on a whim in the library. when the woman at the counter scanned it, she said: "McCourt, he died this week." i didn't know this. but it somehow feels right, to read the book right now. he has such a humorous way of writing about his life as dock-worker, then as teacher.

the curious thing is that i have his novel "Angela's Ashes" here since years, but so far havn't read it.

but back to Teacher Man... here my favourite quote. "Weil ihr Schriftsteller seid, fragt ihr euch immer, immer, immer, was geschieht, Baby?"


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