Sunday, August 2, 2009

into the past III: The Surface & Taint

i am still stunned by the waybackmachine, and the way it brings the pages of lost magazines back into the present. today i went digging for bytes again, and found:

The Surface
- Surface Myth & Magic issue (click on left sidebar for Poetry/Prose/etc)
- Surface Money issue
- Surface Sound issue

and i checked the link of another past magazine - taint - and found that it still has its archive online:

taint magazine
- archive (starting with 'Columny', keep scrolling down to get to 'Fiction' and 'Poetry', and even further to reach 'Critique')
- some direct links: Domestics by Diane Payne, Xliberated by David Barrenger - and one of mine: maybe certainly (funny to find this at the end of the fiction section, with the subtitle "almost definitely").


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